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Lots of buzzing going on

I am finally getting time to set down and update my blog. I just finished my semester, and my summer class doesn't start until next week. A lot has happened since October!

I signed with Harbor Lane Publishing in October and less than a month later my agent unexpectedly passed away. So many emotions- I was sad for the loss of someone who I was just starting to get to know, and I feared what this would mean for my book. Harbor Lane was incredible to work with and said I could continue to publish with them with or without an agent. I went back and forth on whether I wanted to get another agent.

By late December, I decided to send out queries and see what I got back. One agency seemed very interested and after talking with them I decided I would sign with them. I was told I would have a contract soon after the new year. I waited and waited and waited but nothing. After some less than professional interactions, we parted ways, and I am now dealing directly with the publishing company. I am very happy with this arrangement.

One thing I did learn in my communications with the potential new agent was that there is another children's author with a name very similar to mine. I could no longer be Suzie Buzzbea and I started working on a new name. After a lot of thought I settled on EmmaKate Van Dyke. This is a combination of my grandmother’s names and my maiden name. Since I have decided I want to try writing a children's chapter book (and beyond), I thought something a little less cutsie would be a good idea.

I have seen some of the illustrations and I really love them. I am anxiously awaiting my cover. My publisher said it would probably be published late 2024 or early 2025.


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