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Creating A Buzz: Marketing

The publishing process is buzzing right along. I approved my cover a couple of weeks ago. My publishing company recently opened an author portal that includes information about the entire publishing process. One of the sections was on marketing your book. They help with basic aspects but also include links to companies that can help.

I am starting to check out these sites and also other marketing possibilities. I learned about a company through a webinar that helps with all the marketing aspects of launching a new book. I looked at their website, but the only way to get price information was to schedule a Zoom meeting. I had the meeting earlier this week, and after listening to all the amazing things they could do to help me market my book, I asked about the price range. The price starts at $8000 and goes up as you add on services. I wasn't prepared for that cost. We wrapped up the meeting and I emailed them promptly the next morning to let them know I couldn't use their services. Hopefully, my first book will make enough money that I could possibly use it for my second book.

I am still hoping to find some additional marketing help for a reasonable price, but I am also prepared to do most of the work. I ordered business cards, updated my popl QR code, started a newsletter, and started working on a bookmark design. Hopefully, I will have a publishing date and an update on my marketing plan.

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