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It has been a while since I updated this blog. Mainly because nothing had been happening with my manuscript. I went on submission last October, and the NOs started coming in. I needed a way to distract myself, but I wasn't ready to start writing another story. I had several WIPs, but my brain needed a break. So, I decided to work on finishing my master's in library science. I only have a few semesters left. I took a class over the summer, and I am currently enrolled in a class. I originally signed up for two classes this semester, but after reading the syllabus for one of the classes, I decided one was enough. Thank goodness I made that decision! At one point, I was planning my husband's 50th birthday, working, taking a class, and out of nowhere, my agent contacted me to tell me I had a revision/resubmit from a publishing company. I was pretty rattled because I was in the middle of writing a paper about library organization. How in the world could I get back into the world of picture book writing? Within a few weeks, I made revisions and worked with my critique group, my Reedsy editor, and my agent to get it revised. I am happy to report they liked the revisions enough to offer me a contract. I haven't signed a contract at this point, so that I won't give any more details about the publishing company.

I hope to document the process of getting my book published in my blog, so stay tuned!

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